Our Story

The ultimate wine route is the one we’ll create together.

Embark on a premium journey of wine discovery navigated by guides with a love for the exciting, the interesting and the as yet undiscovered wines of the Cape. It’s an empowering experience that will enable you to enjoy, share and present your choices with confidence.


Some think of us as matchmakers who pair wines with our client’s expression of taste. Others describe us as stock pickers who look for the best performing wines before the rest of the market identifies them. And then there are those who think of us as a guide who seamlessly leads trusting wine enthusiasts on an exhilarating journey through a myriad of choices. Regardless of how you view our role, we invite you to join us on a lifelong experience of discovery like no other.

Bringing new finds to your table

South Africa is home to a great diversity of wines. Two decades ago there were 150 independent wineries. Today there are more than 700. This diversity of choice can be overwhelming. It can also be an invitation to chart new territory and explore. But this journey is one that takes time, knowledge and access to cellars and relationships formed on decades worth of friendship. And this is where we come in.

Swimming upstream

At the Wade Bales Wine Society we do things a little differently. When it comes to selecting wines for your table we don’t simply promote the well-known labels of excellence. That’s not to say we ignore the great wine brands of this country, not at all, but we look for the new, the challenging, the rising stars. We actively seek future greats that are still unrecognised and find considered environments in which to best showcase them.

Driven by curiosity

With over 20 years’ experience, a fist of credentials under his belt, and a long list of talented wine makers he considers his close friends, Wade Bales loves nothing more than jumping into his Toyota Prada and seeking out the pioneer wine makers – be they tucked in remote valleys, located in unexpected growing regions, or housed in an iconic cellar just down the road. His aim? To discover those producers who are making interesting standout wines, to understand their winemaking philosophy, rate their quality and share his treasured finds.

It’s all about the people

Wade then returns to the Wine Society offices, scuffs the mud off his boots and gets to work. Together with his team of wine advisors, he then pairs the profiles and personalities of the wines with those of his clients and upcoming events. It is a highly personalised process and as a client, this is where we then enter into a dialogue with you. We expose you to new wine experiences and give you the confidence to resist the obvious. We share our decision making process and trade in information so that you can make interesting and informed choices, trusting that your needs are being precisely and professionally met. It’s a process that not only helps you discover more about wine, but discover why you like it too.

Our reward is your reward
We confess. We don’t always play it safe and we push the comfort zone a little. But your reward is being associated with an as yet undiscovered great. We share the winemakers’ story and philosophy with you so that you can support your choices with poise. Our goal is for your colleagues, friends and family to leave your table or event with a sense that you’ve just introduced them to a fresh discovery in wine – the ultimate compliment indeed.

Wade Bales Wine Society

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