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12 Jan 2015
Posted by tatum

When wine meets digital, the possibilities are endless

When wine meet digital

How many times have you stared at a menu, desperately searching for the Pinotage that you tried back in Franschhoek? Or how about that time you savoured a delicious Merlot over a meal with friends? You couldn’t tastefully commandeer the empty bottle for further research, and a pic would likely end up in the slew of arbitrary images housed in your photo gallery. Alas, you settle for the “comfort wine”, the one you turn to because you know it’s the safe option.

Introducing “Wine23”, the digital answer to your monotony. A personal sommelier in your pocket, this handy little app – brought to you by the Wade Bales Wine Society – allows you to take a virtual approach when it comes to selecting the perfect wine to suit the occasion. “Wine23” helps you make informed choices by guiding you through the complex world of wine in three easy steps. First, simply take a picture of any wine and get the winemaker notes and other useful information for FREE, or use the app’s search function to access the most current and comprehensive South African digital wine guide. Then, “favourite” your stand-out wine or record your personal comments for future use. If you’re adventurous, rate the wine and share with friends and family. Finally, enjoy with confidence, your new discovery – plus others that offer a similar taste experience – by clicking the “Buy” button for door-to-door delivery.

Through a comprehensive database of local wines, “Wine23” is able to cut out the middleman and give wine enthusiasts access to new and interesting wines. But that’s not all: the app is also working to build a community, one where your tastes compare with those of your friends for perfect pairings and flawless recommendations. “Wine23” provides an easy-to-use tool to record and share your wine of choice, your experience and what taste tickles your fancy. A “who’s who” of South African wine that keeps you up-to-date with a popular wine-drinking repertoire as reflected by user choices, it’s also a current resource for learning about wine styles, appellations, grape varieties and food pairings.

Taking advantage of the digital revolution to add a little tech to those tannins, “Wine23” features an intuitive interface, plus label-recognition technology to enable you to snap a photo to match it to a winery in the app’s extensive wine directory. You can also read wine reviews by the experts, as well as other peer reviews, and get all credible awards and accolades for a wine together with its estate of origin, including contact details, opening times, directions and maps. Store your picks of the bunch in a personalised virtual cellar or, better yet, buy them straight from your mobile device.

In an industry that has strong ties to tradition and complexity, technology is coming in to level the playing field. Demystifying wine, without losing the magic, “Wine23” is set to change the way we discover, explore and enjoy the best of SA wines.

For more information visit or go directly to the mobi site