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20 Apr 2020
Posted by Wade

Wine made easy while at home – Part 2

Making wine easy and enjoyable is what keeps us up at night. It’s also why we’ve created this short series of tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your wine drinking while at home…

In this edition, let’s talk about glasses – do they really make a difference? And if so, what kind of glassware is best?


Just like you wouldn’t serve a fillet steak with plastic cutlery, the kind of vessel in which you choose to drink your wine makes a huge amount of difference. After all, wine is a multi-sensory experience… one that’s only really relished when sight, aroma and taste are all brought to the fore.

With that in mind, the best wine glasses are those that elevate each of these senses…

Clear – allowing you to see and appreciate the unique shade of your wine and anticipate its flavour in advance…

Curved – glasses that swell in the middle before getting a little narrower toward the lip of the glass help to concentrate the aromas in the wine as you tip the glass to drink from it. This shape also helps you to do some swirling, without spilling. This helps to further bring the flavours to the fore. Generally speaking, fuller bodied wines do well in fuller shaped (curvier) wine glasses, while lighter wines and bubbly are best enjoyed in slightly less curvaceous vessels.

Thin – the thinner the lip of the glass, the fuller the flavour of wine can be expressed on the palate.

By the way, it doesn’t really matter if your glass is stemmed or stemless. It’s more about how the shape of the vessel brings out the aromas and gets the wine into your mouth.

How much wine should you pour into your glass?

Great question! Don’t fill all the way to the top (we know, it’s been a rough day), but in order to really taste the flavours in the wine, you need space in the glass for it to breathe and release its aromas. Pouring to about one third the wine glass’s capacity (around 150-180ml) is best. Still, if it’s a good wine, consider your glass half full!

And if you want to hold your wine glass with maximum class hold the glass toward the base of the stem between your thumb and forefinger, with the rest of your digits gracefully fanning down like a mini squad of synchronized swimmers. Yes, you may not have managed to get out of your pj’s all day, but you can still hold your wine with the best of them!

Until next time, here’s to you drinking your wine with a touch more class, in the right glass!

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